As I’m sure you’ve surmised, my name is Michael Holley. I live in Utah with my wife, and four lovely monkeys children. I’ve spent the bulk of my education, spare time, and work career focused on Mac and Linux systems and related technologies. But I love stories and crafting things, so my online identities recently have smatting of writing topics mixed with a how to articles about Linux.

I’m sorry it can be confusing, but it’s highly likely I’ll add to the confusion as I get deeper into renewable energy systems. I’ll probably have to launch a new site when that stuff comes online, which I’ll link to from here.


My earliest memories were of me creating stories. I still remember the first story I wrote down, about a time traveling Easter Bunny. My stories have gotten a tad better since then. Though I have been creating stories since then I have only recently focused on getting these stories into a publishable format and not just creating stories for me. As I do, I publish my sci-fi and fantasy stories under the pen name, Adam J. Berry.

To follow my work and my stories checkout my writing site Adam J. Berry

Sys Admin

After recieving a bacherlor’s degree from Utah Valley Univerity in Systems Administration I began my career as a Linux Sys Admin. Through my years of freelance administration and working for small to large businesses I’ve learned how to manage servers from metal to cloud, from a single node to high avaliblity clusters, and from a single machine in a closet to a enterprise data center.

To follow my work and discussions checkout my tech site.