Author. SysAdmin. Geek. Dad.

Who Am I?

My name is Michael Holley (as I'm sure you've figured out). By day I'm a Linux Systems Administrator, though my current title is a DevOps Engineer. However, I've always dreamed of being an author and I've finially gave my self permission to spend time developing that part of my life instead of feeling guilty because I wanted to spend time on an activity that doesn't make me money. As far back as I can remember I've been creating stories and now I'm going to start sharing those stories with others.

Please join me as I learn what it takes to be an indie author, and from time to time, I may let my other interestes slip in, like computers, cooking, self-reliance, and maybe even a bit of archery.

How to Contact Me

Email: michael [at]
Twitter: @michae1ho11ey
Google Plus: +MichaelHolley
Digital Ocean: DO Profile