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What’s Going On Here?!?

If you’ve ever followed my site for very long you would have noticed something; change. As in I change things a lot, all the time. I’ve gone through several URLs, I’ve switched the focus of the content, and the site goes through times of inactivity or just being down. The reasons behind all of these things? I’ve always viewed my site as more of a personal project that nobody really goes to than a production level product. I’m sorry if you’re coming here from a link that is gone.

I recently moved hosting providers, to get a more stable platform to work from, and I accidentally deleted the database so I won’t be able to bring all the articles back. Going forward I’ll do my best to keep things online and accessible. I do have some of my older articles backed up, and I’ll restore the ones I think are still relevant. Thank you for your patience, and I plan on keeping things solid going forward.

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